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Up up, and away!

Today will be the release of the new and improved "Galatic Realm" and let us be honest... we can't wait!
With an amazing "space" theme this Realm will be sure to make you shake in your boots!

Here's a little bit of information on Galactic Realm!

The new Galactic Realm will hopefully add some more spice to NoxiousPvP! We have implemented a few new changes here and there to benefit our community. Obviously over-time new updates and changes will be made on the Mystic and Galactic Realms, we will also have a changelog post coming within the next few days.

| We are going to have a second Youtuber playing on NoxiousPvP! The one and only loolitsalex will be making videos on the Galactic Realm and these will be uploaded weekly!...
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Howdy, everyone!

Recently on NoxiousPvP, we have implemented Crop Hoppers. This update is just going to be quick, easy and efficient! We want to provide you with some information about them, and so you understand their purpose. We don't want anyone to be confused now, do we!?
| How do they work?

Good question! Crop hoppers can now be obtained by converting your normal hopper with the command "/converthopper crop". Don't worry though! You can still convert the hopper back to normal by simply typing "/converthopper normal". Thankfully, Crop Hoppers are totally free to all players (assuming you already have a hopper)!

Crophoppers will only collect cactus in a...
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What's up, everyone!
After the epic release of NoxiousPvP, the staff-team have been working hard to fix, update and change some issues we've come across! This thread is going to notify you about a majority of the changes and updates that we have implemented recently!

November Change Log:

| Dispensers & Potions:
  • Players can no longer put splash potions inside dispensers. This was originally allowing players to put strength 2 inside dispensers and give themselves strength.
  • You can no longer make strength II beacons as strength II potions, and beacons have also now been disabled. However, the strength I potions and beacons still work.
  • Now you are able to use /tntfill anywhere near your...
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Greetings everyone!

Today I have a small announcement to deliver! We want to keep the community informed each month with regular home-page posts regarding changes, updates or anything that we wish to inform you about.

The Release:

Personally and on behalf of all the staff, I want to thank everyone for their patience since the release of NoxiousPvP. We had a rough start with some issues, which we totally weren't expecting, but we are slowly getting back on track and things should be running smoothly soon!

Secondly, we want to thank everyone for showing so much love to NoxiousPvP over the past few days. We didn't expect to have over 1,000 people trying to join within 2 minutes of release! New beginnings are coming shortly for everyone, and we can't wait!

New Realm Hype:...
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First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone to this new beginning, a new minecraft network community. We've been working hard to get this server out to all of you and finally we are ready for a launch on the 10th November @ 3:30pm EST :).

What to expect?

It's in our personal interest to patch any bugs, errors we discover. So you guys may find some bugs/error etc. We encourage you to report anything you find on the website to help us out a bit.

We will be launching with two servers to start with, 1 x Faction Realm, 1 x ArenaPVP server and we have a cannon server coming just after launch for all your cannoners that want to test out your cannons before raiding someone!

Staff Applications?
We will be accepting staff shortly but not untill the server has completely launched as we want to watch over you all before just accepting people onto our staff team, we have a few people that have been with us for many months that will be helping us at the...​