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Dear Noxious,

Due to the inconvenience of some members, we are left with no option but to reset Season 3.0. Our plan for this reset is to relaunch the realm on the 2nd of March. We have patched many of the dupes on the server, but due to the outcome & to the number of Factions with hidden duped items, it will make more sense to reset. Especially when money is involved.

NoxiousPVP will be offline until 2nd of March.

3.0 Rewards:

Paypal and Buycraft rewards will not be given out to anyone for season 3.0 due to there being a high amount of dupes and an unfair advantage for everyone.

Reset Information:

All player data/map data will be cleared.

  • Reset will be on 2nd of March 5 pm EST
  • All keys...
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M Y T H I C A L 3 . 0

What an intense few weeks it has been here on NoxiousPvP! I'm glad we are finally able to say that Mythical 3.0 is (literally) right around the corner...Everyone has been extremely #hype and showing their love for our community since the reset was announced. Over the past few weeks management have been working night & day to pull out quality content for our community. We are extremely excited to see the future of Noxious and watch it grow & expand with everyone here. The following information will have everything you'll need to know in regards to the upcoming season.
Stay tuned!
Factions Top - Season...
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The Countdown... Begins

The long wait is almost over and we've never been so #hype! Management has all been working hard to cater to our communities ideas and been discussing and working as a team to bring what you guys want and new content that will benefit the server. We have recently just had an epic trailer for Season 3 released on PainfulPVP's channel, it's definitely worth your time to check it out!

New Updates and Content:
  • New f perm added allowing you to choose who can log on inside your faction's territory.
  • All new printer mode, allowing the much easier use of the schematica printer mod (/printer).
  • More items have been added to the shop to make the use of printer mode smoother.
  • Outposts have been...
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Are you prepared?

Welcome to an important update for NoxiousPvP! This announcement is going to give you a list of important dates that you need to be sure to save on your calendar as soon as possible regarding the end of Season, and the start of Season 3.0! Many of you are already eager for the reset and we can't wait to show you all what we've got in store. Keep in mind that before the release more announcements will be coming. Secondly, be sure to check out our twitter in regards to more updates, giveaways and information. (Link at bottom)

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • February 10th 1 PM EST | Brand New Trailer Uploaded
  • February 16th 1 PM EST | End of Season 2.0
  • February 17th 1 PM EST |...
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Dear Noxious Community

Recently, the NoxiousPVP management has been discussing as a team about the upcoming of this server, we have decided to do the following for noxious as many of you have brought a lot to our attention. We have seen that this map has not lasted due to major lag that we suffered with and couldn't work out what it was, we have finally caught it and patched it / made a custom spigot with many patches that will help server performance and make it a better playing experience for you all.

Many of you have said that noxious doesn't have enough content on it, the team and our dev has been working hard on patching all the bugs from the past 2 maps, Noxious has only been up for 2 months since we launched and we have come a far way with our backend. Most our backend plugins are custom and have been made from scratch when we launched Noxious.
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Dear NoxiousPVP Players,

We have recently seen that you guys are not enjoying noxious as much as you did at the start?, we have been working on trying to fix the lag every day, some people say we do nothing at all but sit around, I can assure you that we are on every single day working on the server trying to make it a better place not just for hardcore faction players but for everyone in general.

I have recently seen that people quit after 30-40 days of the maps being up due to it not being fun anymore or no comp against other factions. people have also messaged me saying that maps should be reset after 40 days and maps should be smaller, we have taken this information and want some more information from the community as to what you'd like to see on the future of NoxiousPVP.

How long would you like the maps to be? 40-50-day maps or 3-month seasons? many people complained when we reset it after 40 days before...
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Wow, a year since the last reset?!
Ha, jokes aside! The New Year means we welcome new, exciting and adventurous things. Our holiday time-period just flew by like the cannons flew into bases over Christmas and New Years! That being said, we wish to thank everyone who participated in the Christmas sale! Keep your eyes peeled for more sales over the new year. We, fortunately, have some updates and changes that this thread is going to notify you about! A majority of the changes and updates that we have implemented have been recently over the past 2 weeks.
In-Game Changes:
  • You are now able to type /help in-game and receive some informative information.
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Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas Noxious!
Hello! Today will be the release of the new Mythical 1.0 just days before Christmas! We are excited to release all the new changes and updates and be able to watch as NoxiousPvP grows over the near future. We are going to have a full 2 and a half month season for Mythical 1.0.

Faction Top Rewards

Congratulations to the winner 3 Factions for Mythical. The winners of these rewards for the season will be rewarded with their Buycraft Coupon.

  • First - $1000 Buycraft Coupon goes to NoYou
  • Second - $500 Buycraft Coupon goes to Abzya
  • Third - $250 Buycraft Coupon goes to...
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Introducing Mythical 1.0
Recently, the NoxiousPvP management has been discussing as a team about the upcoming future of this server. We decided that we are going to re-release Mythical Realm, and wish to treat the remainder of this season as a beta. The reason for this being is because there was and is many vital backend changes that we wish to change which is not possible without a reset. We do realise the season so far has been unexpectedly short and we do apologise in advance for this. However, we can assure you that all future seasons will play out for a full 2.5-3 months.

New and Improved

Since the launch of NoxiousPvP, the management team have been actively monitoring the Forums and our communities requests/suggestions and have taken everything into account with what the community is wanting, we will be ensuring as much content...
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Hello, everyone!
Recently, the staff-team and the owners have been working hard to keep Noxious stable and improve some of our current features. We have some updates, some changes, some add-ons and some removed items and/or commands. This thread is going to notify you about a majority of the changes and updates that we have implemented recently over the past 2 weeks.
In-Game Changes:
  • When people log out of your base they will now get TP'd to spawn.
  • Changes have been made to sand genbuckets. They now generate in an upwards direction so they no longer spawn entities.
  • You can now place creeper eggs when right-clicking them on a spawner.
  • Watering Spawners has now been disabled (Spawners repel water, same...