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The server will be opening tomorrow (September 15) at 3pm EST for a 6 week season paying each week except the first. The weekly payout will look like this:
1: $400
2: $300
3: $200
4: $75 + 50 buycraft
5: $25 + 50 buycraft
6: 100 Buycraft
7: 100 Buycraft
8: 75 Buycraft
9: 75 Buycraft
10: 50 Buycraft
CONTENT: We will be running the massivecore factions plugin with the oneshotmc cannoning jar. To those of you who don't know what that means; its the plugin that uses /f f instead of /f show and any cannon that works on oneshot will work on this server. If it does not the owner of oneshot will be notified asap to patch whatever cannon you make.

  • Factions Specifics
    • 100 man factions
    • 50 power per player
    • 2,500 power limit
    • 1 corner per faction
The economy is going to look like this:...
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Applying for staff
At this time, you do not apply for staff on the forums. We have a google forum dedicated to everyone interested in applying for staff. This is a temporary way to apply for staff and will be later switched back to forums.

Apply Here:
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NoxiousPvP Re-Release Information!

For starters, we would like to deeply apologize for what happened on release. We did know some things were going to go wrong, but not too that extreme. This next release will be completely different. We assure you that much. With this post I would also like to add that the forums have been officially relaunched! Now, onto some of the changes!

  • Re-Release is going to be this Saturday at 3pm EST.
  • We will do a beta test on Friday to ensure that you guys are happy with the content.
  • F-Top payout changed to $7,500. ($5,000 paypal, $2,500 buycraft)
  • All things purchased on release was refunded.
  • Never before seen features on Noxious coming this reset.

We are also looking for staff and YouTubers for this release! You can apply on forums. Again, we are extremely sorry for this release and we will be sure to make the next one worth the wait!

Last but certainly not least, I want to...